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Weightlifting & Strength Development

Learning the Olympic lifts is made easy with our Online Coaching service!

​Developing efficient technique, mobility and strength is at the heart of Weightlifting.

Obtain power, flexibility and technical acumen with our flexible programming to maximise your potential!!


See how we can:

  • Teach you to optimise Snatch + Clean & Jerk technique based on your morphology!

  • Personalize training structure to develop heavier Snatches/Clean & Jerks.

  • Maximise the utility of accessory exercises to efficiently address muscular weak-links.

  • Identify and improve mobility issues.

  • Review and adapt your programme to facilitate efficient injury-free progression.

  • Support you through your entire journey via email, text and Whatsapp.

  • Answer any questions you may have and teach you the science and rationale behind each step of the way.

Progress, learning and results are GUARANTEED


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Personalised Weightlifting, Strength & Mobility Course

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