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Online Coaching will help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently

Client Testimonies

“Claudio’s support has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and hit PB’s that I thought could never be hit. Every session helps me move forward towards my goals, in a structured and efficient manner. He’s the ultimate combination of fun and challenge!”

— Pav, Strength, Calisthenics & Muscle Gain

"I like to see how fit I can become compared to a much younger person. I like the ideas, unconventional workouts and to see how far he can push me." 

— Melody, Strength, Agility & Calisthenics

"I like how there is always a challenge every session, plus getting a new PB is always awesome!!! It's always push forward and only holding back when it is absolutely necessary."

— Danny, Weight Loss & Olympic Lifting

“Having Claudio's support has helped with both my physical and mental health and fitness. He has allowed me to grow in confidence and achieve things I thought I could never do.”

— Fay, Aerobic Capacity, Strength & Calisthenics

“I started to improve general fitness, lose weight and improve leg strength after knee surgery. I enjoy achieving things that I would never have thought of doing before!.”

— Melanie, Weight Loss, Calisthenics & Weight Training

“I started as part of my recovery plan post knee operation under surgeon and Physio consent. I find Claudio helps motivate me to reach weekly achievements which boosts my morale, fitness and mood.”

— Abdol, General Fitness & Strength Development

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